Refund Policy

Course Refunds and Cancellation Policy If a trainee chooses to discontinue training, course fees that may have been paid may be refunded depending on personal circumstances and the amount of training hours completed. As of July 1st, 2020, RLI Training Pty Ltd cannot accept course payment in full before commencing training. Students who have:

  1. in regards to refund requests, provided the request is within the refund policy guidelines. Under most circumstances, clients must give at least 14 days notice for cancellations of training sessions or termination of enrolment. If a trainee has paid an instalment and has not commenced training, they are entitled to a full refund of the payment instalment
  2. If prior payment instalments have been received that correspond with training that has been completed, a refund is not viable. A formal request may be lodged against the Refund and Cancellation Policy via email, post or direct contact with the director of RLI Training Pty Ltd if a trainee’s refund request is denied. Exceptional circumstances Under
  3. enrolled prior to July 1st 2019 and have provided payment in full are entitled to a partial refund depending on hours of training sessions taken. Under all circumstances, the registration fee, included in course fees, is non-refundable once course modules and materials have been received by a client. RLI Training Pty Ltd aims to be flexible and fair
  4. exceptional circumstances, a full or partial refund may be given at the discretion of the director. Examples of exceptional circumstances in which refunds will be considered include: · Being unable to continue due to sudden physical illness, accident and or pregnancy/childbirth. · Being unable to continue due to mental illness/disability. · Personal circumstances including family emergencies.


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